I came naturally to Fashion Photography because Fashion is where everything started.
When I moved to California back in 2005, I decided to pursue a Fashion Design College Education to complement a Master Degree in Economics that I found too “theoretical”. I needed to learn a skilled manual work. I chose to put my hands in motion over yarns and fabrics that I was passionate about since I was a little girl. This lead me to an amazing Kids Fashion Designer job. Later on, I decided to enjoy what Silicon Valley had to offer and I moved to the digital world. There, I worked for many Fashion startups (simultaneously as business developer, Creative Marketing consultant and Web/Graphic designer).
Since I am back in Munich in 2016, I try to challenge myself becoming from a serious amateur to a more professional photographer. Enhancing construction details, expressing movement and telling a impactful story: capturing fashion is my playing field. Today, I am grateful to collaborate with talented clients from fashion world and beyond who valued my creative input and put great trust in my work.